Roles and Responsibilities

Mandates of International Relations Unit

General Administration

  1. Coordination of disseminating international relations information within the university as well as outside organizations.
  2. Preparation of documents and correspondences with other departments and faculties of the university.
  3. Setting up budgets for international cooperation projects under its responsibility.
  4. Coordination of annual expenditure request for approval and payment for the approved activities/ projects.
  5. Implementation of approved activities/ projects as planned.
  6. Performance of foreign languages under its responsibility.

International Protocol and Information

  1. Coordination of hosting delegations/ guests from foreign countries who visit university campuses/ facilities.
  2. Facilitating/ taking care of staff/ students under foreign exchange programs of the university.
  3. Implementation of international seminars/ workshops/ exhibitions as well as coordination of other international activities as assigned in order to promote academic cooperation in art and design, social sciences, natural science and technology, languages and cultures.
  4. Preparation of signing ceremonies for academic cooperation. Drafting of Memorandums of Understanding, Memorandums of Agreement, contracts and projects renewal.
  5. Preparation and management of trip logistics for university administrators to visit institutions abroad or to attend meetings/ conferences/ workshops outside the country.
  6. Coordination and preparation of information about International Relations Unit and its activities for publicity inside and outside the university.

Scholarships and International Cooperation

  1. Coordination of academic cooperation activities, such as exchanges of university personnel and students to serve the purposes of learning and teaching, study visit, research, etc. as agreed by Silpakorn University and its counterpart institutions.
  2. Coordination of communications between the university faculties/ departments and OHEC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies in Thailand, and other organizations, regarding student scholarships, personnel exchanges, trainings, conferences, workshops, seminars, researches and study visits.
  3. Coordination of exchange programs for faculty members, students, and artists of the faculty teaching art with its counterpart institutions abroad.
  4. Attending meetings/ seminars with academic institutions/ other organizations in the matters related to international relation promotions.


  1. Services of foreign languages as requested, such as drafting and translation of letters/ speeches in English.
  2. Representing the Vice President for International Affairs or other executives at the meetings/ conferences regarding international cooperation/ promotion.
  3. Being appointed as subcommittees to carry out various activities of the university.
  4. Reporting performance output of every staff half-annually.
  5. Coordination of other projects with faculties/ departments of the university.