SUIA Office

The Planning Division was first established as the Institutional Research Unit and was later upgraded by the Ministry of University Affairs (presently the Office of Higher Education Commission or OHEC, Ministry of Education) on March 31, 1993, to become a new division of the Office of the President, Silpakorn University. The following undertakings of the Planning Division are meant to serve various missions of the university:

  1. To collect and analyze data for planning and development of the university.
  2. To prepare master plans, both for educational development and budgeting purposes, to monitor and to evaluate such plans.
  3. To prepare physical master plans for all campuses.
  4. To publish informative documents to be disseminated inside as well as outside the university.
  5. To support faculties, centers, departments, and other divisions inside the university, and to cooperate with authorities outside the university in related matters.

The Planning Division consists of five units, namely:

  • Administrative Unit, responsible for general administration, correspondences, finance and procurement of office supplies, including typing and copying services.
  • Institutional Research and Information Unit, responsible for preparation of all information about the university for publication and dissemination as well as conducting institutional research aiming at improving the performances of the university.
  • Plan and Budget Analysis Unit, responsible for analyzing and processing of information pertaining to policies and plans of the university, monitoring and evaluating operations, and preparing annual budgets for consideration by the Government Budget Bureau and by the University Council.
  • Master Planning Unit, responsible for production of physical master plans for university campuses, building constructions, and campus maps/layouts.
  • International Relations Unit, responsible for cooperation with foreign as well as domestic authorities regarding international affairs.