International Visit

As one of the Thailand’s leading creative universities, Silpakorn University. We welcome visits from representatives of international universities, institutions, research organisations, industry and government.

Warning! Prospective International Students interested in visiting Silpakorn University should not follow steps on this page. Please refer to International Student website.

Requesting to Visit

Representatives interested in visiting Silpakorn University should following the steps below


Preparing your information

Dates: when you would like to visit Silpakorn University
Targets: what would you like to reach out of your visit


Requesting to Visit

– Contact us 30 days prior to your visit
– We will do our best to response to you within 5 business days


Visit Us at Silpakorn University

– We’ll stay in touch until your actual visit
– Hope you enjoy and reach out your visit targets

Visiting Thailand

Organizing Your Visa

  • All visitors to Thailand must have a valid visa.
  • Except 18 countries and one special economic zone (Taiwan) are granted a visa on arrival entry to the Kingdom of Thailand
  • Submit any letter of invitation request inquiries with the visit request form

About Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The city itself is a true tourist paradise, proved by the growing number of travelers coming each year.

There are great varieties of tourist attractions in Bangkok. The most famous temple is Wat Phra Kaew.

Please visit tourismthailand for more information.

Planning you day at Silpakorn University

In 2018, Silpakorn University is now composed of 13 Faculties, 1 Graduate school and 1 College covering major fields of art, design, science and technology, health science, social science and humanities. The University is located at 5 main campuses.

In case representatives interested in visiting Faculty or Campus tour. Please get in touch with us for more information.